Bio-Based Solvents & Fine Chemicals

Enhanced Performance with Value-Added
Bio-based Solvents and Fine Chemicals

Pennakem’s line of bio-based products provide performance benefits in our customer’s products and processes via a wide range of applications such as solvents, catalysts, modifiers, and industrial intermediates. Viridisol M®, Pennakem’s ultra-high-quality 2-methyl tetrahydrofuran brand, has been demonstrated to increase process yields and selectivity in certain chemical reactions, particularly Organo-metallic Chemistry. Viridisol M® has low water solubility, eliminating the need for an additional extraction step with a second solvent in aqueous processes. Viridisol M® separates cleanly from water, allowing for easy recovery to an anhydrous form for recycling, all of which minimize production costs and reduce waste. All of these characteristics make Viridisol M ® an excellent substitute for Tetrahydrofuran (THF).

Pennakem’s ether products, capable of binding to a metal atom or ion, enhance the performance of catalysts used in anionic polymerizations to produce styrene-butadiene rubber (SSBR). Viridisol T®, our tetrahydrofurfuryl alcohol brand, is soluble in both oil and aqueous phases, has great stripping capabilities, and readily biodegradable, making it an excellent solvent for use in the agricultural and electronic cleaning industry. Other furfural alcohol derivatives have been successfully tested and reported as key components in smart coatings and shape-memory self-healing polymers.

Pennakem’s innovative bio-based products provide unique performance benefits including: increased yields, improved product quality, lower overall costs and potential use as a scaffold for the development of innovative products.

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